Scribe’s services and WFDW result in accessible publications.

Content for People with Visual or Print Impairments

For publications that are designed for individuals with disabilities that impair access to published content, Scribe is the leading producer of accessible content. Scribe builds content (including ePub3, NIMAS, HTML, and proprietary formats) that meets current accessibility standards. We work with numerous accessibility centers and are familiar with assistive technologies. Our WFDW and staff produce accessible content, incorporating the augmentative information needed to achieve equality in content access.


Developing for Accessibility

For Scribe, accessibility has variant meanings. Narrowly defined, this means ensuring books are produced to meet accessibility standards for visual or print impairments. It also means creating books that are edited, indexed, and designed to make books easier to find. In its broadest sense, making a book accessible can mean making it inviting to read and easier to comprehend—no matter how it’s read. Through our editorial development, indexing program, and participation in Accessibility Standards development, Scribe’s staff and our corresponding technology are on the forefront of accessibility.

Content That Is Accessible to All

Fundamental to accessibility is developing content in ways that help people find your publications. Strategies for content optimization, information design, and the use of structure to improve “findability” are employed by Scribe at every stage. We produce books that are discovered by a larger audience.

Scribe—Helping Develop the Industry Standards in Accessible Content

Scribe’s staff sits on the boards of accessibility projects. As part of our mission to improve accessibility at every level of the publishing chain, we are working with our clients to develop new editorial and indexing methods, and we are constantly engaged in adapting our systems and markup language to facilitate the creation of accessible outputs.

Contact Scribe through this form if you are interested in producing accessible content or want to help in accessibility development.